Capturing a Sperm Whale

Catalog No.:  2001.100.7578

Artist/Maker:  Page, William –Hulsart, Cornelius B. –Hill, John

Date Made:    1835


Description: Image, in color, of a sperm whale, facing right foreground, spouting (blood). A rowboat is being broken over the whales back and tale, sending men flying into the water. A second rowboat is beside the whale, to the left. The whale has two spears in its left side. A large schooner is on the horizon, to right, with a third schooner behind it. Title with text, below, with vignette (center) of a spouting sperm whale. “To Messrs. N. & W.W. Billings Merchants of New London, this Print is respectfully inscribed by Cornelius B. Hulsart who lost an arm on board their Ship superior while engaged in Whale Fishery in the Pacific Ocean.”

Melville Virtual Exhibition Gallery