Charles Shaw

I teach English at Boston College High School and split my time between there and my home in Provincetown. I’m eager for the seminar to revisit the novel with fresh eyes and new friends. I plan to teach Moby-Dick next year as part of a revamped AP Lit (junior year) course at my school. In years past I’ve read the novel with senior classes with varying degrees of success; holding the attention of seniors beyond college application deadlines presents challenges to maintaining interest in Ishmael’s narrative and the Pequod’s journey. I’m deeply interested in Melville’s prescience related to issues so critical to his own time, and ours: the fate of America and democracy; critiques of prevailing customs and beliefs; ecology and environmental issues; gender and queer studies; the future of whales, and humans, on this planet. I love the outdoors and especially swimming in the waters off Provincetown.