Jeffrey Peterson

I teach English at The College Preparatory School, a small independent high school in Oakland, California. I grew up in Southern California, went to UCLA (BA in Psychology), and did my graduate work at UC Berkeley (PhD in English). I started teaching Moby-Dick soon after joining the faculty at College Prep (eleven years ago now), and before that taught at Piedmont High School for nearly a decade. I trained as an Americanist at UC Berkeley and began my teaching career as a member of the faculty at Ohio Wesleyan University. My wife also teaches high school English, and we have two whip-smart & hilarious kids, Miriam (22) and Noah (16). I’m an avid bird photographer (raptors mainly: @jeffreypetersonphoto on Instagram), love to sketch and nature journal, and try to spend as much of my summers as possible on my kayak, fishing for rockfish and lingcod along the Northern California coast.