Lisa Kenna

I am Lisa Kenna. I have taught high school English for twenty-five years starting my journey in Wakefiled, RI, then traveling to Anchorage, AK and Dallas, TX before finally landing in Northern Virginia. For the past 10 years, I have taught at an all-girls independent school in Northern Virginia. Although my education is in the great books, and I have studied Moby Dick several times, I have only just begun the complex calling of trying to teach Moby Dick to modern teenage girls. As a New Englander born and raised in Plymouth, MA, studying Moby Dick with you all is an exciting opportunity to explore my roots, while also expanding my academic understanding with such wise professors. For me, learning more about whaling and teaching Moby Dick in the digital age will be a highlight in my teaching career! It will be a great privilege to study Moby Dick with you all.