The Spermaceti Whale

Catalog No.: 1958.1.21.J

Artist/Maker:  Stewart, James-Lizars, William Home

Date Made:  1837     

Object Name: “The Spermaceti Whale / Beale – Plate 10”

Description: Partially colored engraving on paper, showing a whale being hunted by men in two whaleboats. The whale is on its back, with its flukes in the air. Harpoon line is tangeld around the whale. The whaleboat to the right is partially submerged, with men and supplies in the water. The second whaleboat is to the left, behind the whale, with a man standing ready in the bow with a harpoon. In the background is a large whaleship and the head of a second whale (spouting).

Melville Virtual Exhibition Gallery